How did I evaluate the wedge pillows?

  1. I slept on each pillow in bed for a week
  2. I evaluated how comfortable the pillow was
  3. I considered how much my sleep improved
  4. I considered how my lower back felt after using each pillow
  5. I examined the quality of each pillow’s construction (zippers, seams, etc.)
  6. I looked at the materials used, especially the type of foam
  7. I considered how well the pillow kept it shape and firmness
  8. I noted whether the pillow had any lingering chemical odors 
  9. I looked at each pillow’s textile certifications
  10. I used the wedge pillow as a backrest in bed and on the couch

What were the most important factors for choosing a wedge pillow?

  1. Made with premium materials

  2. Comfortably contours to body shape

  3. Stays cool throughout the night

  4. Wedge isn’t too high or steep

  5. Breathable, washable cover

  6. Provides good lower back support

  7. Combines firmness and comfort

  8. Also works well as a backrest

  9. Made with safe and non-toxic materials